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The Birth of Tilly Wise.

Tilly Wise was born from necessity. Her namesakes, Frank and Betty Wise were the first owls in the Pray family. They followed us from Maine to New York City, and then to Minnesota - and offered a presence of humor, consistency and safety when the world around us felt unfamiliar. For the rest of my life, I'll be able to recall the timbre of my dads voice as he made us laugh, hold our breath in suspense and beg for 'just one more' tale before bed.

Tilly Wise, was introduced to my daughter for the same reasons. I knew right away I wanted to offer the same fabric of safety and connection. Through hard days, her life as a toddler with limited contact during the bulk of the COVID19 pandemic, and battling health issues made this my most important job.

My desire to share the simplicity of storytelling with wild, loving, over-tired and sometimes over-extended families and caregivers is what prompted me to see about publishing this book. After time working with an incredible children's book editor I found the confidence to take the next step.

I met Emma Slawson years and years ago when we both worked in community mental health in Northwestern Montana. Her unique and magical watercolor art is what gave life to Tilly Wise.

I am so excited, and so humbled with the opportunity to introduce you to Tilly, and in the future: the series of Tilly Wise Adventure books.

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