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Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun Book Reviews

Welcome to the Tilly Wise Brag Wall!

Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite

Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun by Emily Pray is a picture book for young children. A sweet owl named Tilly wakes up to the sound of ... nothing. No birds were chirping or singing, and no people were going about their day. Tilly feels confused so she looks outside her window. All makes sense as she sees Mr. Sun is still fast asleep in his bed. Tilly flies over to wake Mr. Sun from his blissful slumber, but he doesn't want to wake up just yet. Tilly stops and thinks for a moment before having a brilliant idea that she's certain will get Mr. Sun up. She heads to the kitchen and starts making yummy breakfast treats. But unfortunately, as delicious as Tilly's food was, Mr Sun just didn't want to get up. Tilly tries other things to wake him. Will Tilly succeed? And will the villagers rise from their beds? Find out in this adorable book.

Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun was great fun to read. Author Emily Pray showcases her talents from the very first page. She draws in the young reader from the moment they lay eyes on the text. The story is written flawlessly and is simple enough to enable children to follow along or read by themselves. Not only does this book have an adorable storyline, but it also has creative and vibrant illustrations by Emma Slawson; children are going to love them just as much as I did. So if you are looking for a boredom breaker or a bedtime story for your little one, then Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun will be their new favorite. Keep writing awesome content, Emily. I can't wait to read more from you in the future.

Reviewer Kameron Brook for Reedsy Discovery!

Loved it! 😍

"Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun" is an interactive storybook with silly moments and images that'll appeal to any size audience.



Come along with Tilly the owl on an adventure as she tries to wake up a sleepyhead sun who never rose with the morning. With silly and witty efforts, Tilly tries desperately to save the day!

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Tilly is a wise owl. She lives at the top of the clock tower in the middle of a tiny community. Every night she polishes the clock at the top of the tower and every morning she rings the bell inside the tower. The bell wakes up the sun, which shines over the town, and the birds which sing a happy chorus. That’s when the villagers rise to start their day. In Emily Pray’s story, Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun, Tilly decides to take a day off and sleep in but her choice has a domino effect. The sun sleeps in, too, and the birds don’t sing and the villagers don’t get up and go about their daily chores. When Tilly finally wakes up in the middle of the afternoon, all is dark and quiet in her world. Something is terribly wrong and she doesn’t know what to do.

Emily Pray’s picture book, Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun, is a clever, humorous tale that will enrapture young readers as they learn the importance of routines and getting up each morning with a positive attitude, ready to start another day. The plot follows Tilly as she goes about her daily routines until one day she sleeps in. When she does wake up and things are not as they should be, Tilly has to use all of her imagination and problem-solving skills to make things right again. Told in simple language and with bright, bold, and colorful illustrations by Emma Slawson, this story will delight young readers. A fun read.

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite

Tilly is a little brown owl who lives in a village in the middle of the forest — more precisely, on top of the clock tower. Every evening before going to sleep, Tilly always cleans the bell in the clock tower, and every morning, as soon as she wakes up, she never forgets to ring it before the Sun rises. One day, however, Tilly prefers to stay asleep rather than get out of bed, and when she finally wakes up, she discovers that not even the Sun has risen and that it is still dark outside. The little owl goes to look for the house of the Sun, but try as she might, she cannot wake him up. Will Tilly be able to make the Sun rise? Emily Pray will tell you about it in Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun.

Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun tells a delightful story that will entertain any child who reads it. Emily Pray has described a cute and ingenious character in Tilly, and I think all young readers will enjoy reading about how she tries to wake up the Sun. I laughed a lot because her ideas were so amusing. The images are beautiful, and I am sure many readers will laugh, especially at the one of Tilly with ruffled feathers after she tried to wake up the Sun by spraying water. If you want your children to read a book that entertains them, Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun is the one I recommend. You will not be disappointed.

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