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Tilly is a little owl, who lives inside the very top of a clock tower. Her job every day is to ring and shine the bell for her village. But one day, the sun doesn't rise! Explore with Tilly as she problem solves different creative and unexpected ways to wake up one very sleepy sun.


Parents and educators will love this book as it is a perfect and funny story to share together as a family. The story gives so many opportunities to interact on themes such as problem solving, managing feelings of disappointment, identifying emotions in different situations, and laughing together over all the silly things Tilly goes through!


Children love this story too! One child had a giggling fit over the illustration of a beautiful pig wearing a ladies hat, another child likes to keep their copy of 'Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun' close while enjoying breakfast bananas!




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The Full Story

My name is Emily Pray, and I’m the author of Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun, my debut children’s story.  I'm a therapist, mother, and artist living in Missoula MT with my family.

Tilly Wise, is my own version of two other owls my father would tell my brothers and I about when we were small children.   These stories of 'Frank and Betty Wise' helped us transition into a new life, and new city.  When I had my own child, I introduced a new generation of the 'Wise' family through Tilly Wise, the owl.  My hope and dream is to carry on the tradition of this story telling through a children's book series chronicling the adventures of Tilly Wise.  I've partnered with my very talented friend and artist Emma to help bring to life the stories of Tilly, as well as the nostalgia and safety that comes with being read to as a child. 



My name is Emma Slawson, and I’m the illustrator for Tilly and the Sleepyhead Sun, my debut as an illustrator.

I live in Western Pennsylvania with my husband and our Cairn terriers, Finley and Gregor. Growing up in the stunning natural beauty of Northwestern Montana instilled in me a love of the outdoors. It was a natural step to try and capture that wild beauty to share with others. As a self-taught artist I use many different mediums to try and achieve this daunting task. I started working with watercolor in 2019 and instantly fell in love.

Using a mixture of watercolors, gauche, pen, and ink I attempt to capture how I see the world. Combinations of flowers, animals, and bones blend together the traditional beautiful with the more shadowed sides of nature.

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